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Handcrafted, 100% Wood Mutes

Welcome to my site.  You may be visiting this site because you have either heard of or are inquisitive about the Woodstop® Mutes.  My hope is that this site will give you some valuable information about my mutes as well as give you a little background about myself.

My mutes are all 100% wood, they are hand-made, and each mute has gone through extensive play-testing and professional review along its process of development.    

My background includes playing horn professionally for several years before my career was abruptly ended with focal embouchure dystonia in 2008.  During this time I called my good friend and former colleague Karl Hill of Kortesmaki Horns, and as a woodworker, I asked what I might do to stay connected to the professional scene.  He started me on my journey with his ideas for the original Woodstop® Stopping Mute for horn.  So here it is several years later with hundreds of mutes in various corners of the world, and I continue to work closely with Karl in the development of each mute that goes out to you.  He deserves special recognition in all of this as his input and encouragement has been priceless!  I also want you to know that I went into this to try to make a difference.  For me, I get the satisfaction of remaining connected and the incredible honor of getting to know so many great folks.  Thank you! 

Please browse the site for information on the various mutes and feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.


-Kevin Warren


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