Horn Straight Mute

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The Woodstop® (tunable) Straight Mute is not your ordinary mute.  I feel we have accomplished our goal of bringing a mute to the market that sounds right, feels good, plays even, responds quickly, and plays in-tune from top to bottom.  Karl Hill and I play-tested about every conceivable mute (especially the best of breed models).  We concluded that all of them had the same issues with regard to evenness, feel, and intonation from top to bottom.     

The Woodstop® Straight Mute is 100% wood which separates it from any other mute we know of.  Most wood mutes are nothing more than a veneered cone with some man-made material underneath. This makes them much easier to produce of course, but the sound is also not directly affected by the wood.  Ours was a very tedious process that took months to achieve.  I cannot describe the sound, but if you like the difference between the metal mute and my stop mute, you will most likely think the same about this!  Here’s what Gail Williams had to say recently:

WOW!!! YOU'VE done it again!  EVEN, colorful, dynamics, scale.. pure tone.. wow.

I do want to thank my good friend Karl Hill (Kortesmaki Horns) who played a very large role in the development of this mute.  He did all the testing as well as giving invaluable feedback from a perspective that only a world-renowned horn builder could.  Also, Lowell Greer for sending me home with a very large box of his horn mutes saying “have at it and hope you learn something from them”.   

Last but not least, my uncle, Gary Warren.  He has been my inspiration for fine woodworking through the years.  He has a degree in engineering and a mind for tackling issues.  There were many challenges and puzzling times during the development of this mute, so kudos to him for figuring it all out.  You will love his product; there is no one else I would entrust to produce this for all my colleagues.  We will also customize the bottom label with your name and unique serial number.  I know you will enjoy this mute, and I hope you view it as I do: as an enhancement, versus a liability, of your valuable horn, as well as the years you’ve spent perfecting your trade.  I am REALLY excited about this mute, and think, once again, that it’s more than just another mute produced for the sake of making a mute.  I’d love to know how you feel about it, so please give me feedback. 



  1. Very responsive

  2. Excellent intonation

  3. Great evenness of sound/playability

  4. Very smooth focused low register

  5. Synthetic beveled cork that extends to the top for soft mute changes and to prevent bell dings

  6. Mute is personalized with your name on label

  7. Leather cord for quick mute changes

“WOW!!! YOU'VE done it again! 

EVEN, colorful, dynamics, scale.. pure tone.. wow.”

Gail Williams

Horn soloist and freelance artist

Monogram personalization is now available on cherry and walnut mutes. Click here to find out more.Mute_Bags_Monogram.html