Jarrah Woodstop


Stopping Mute

“Received my NEW Woodstop today.  Love the color of the mute... and I mean the sound!!  It also is Beautiful!”

Gail Williams

Horn soloist and freelance artist


Jarrah wood is an exotic hardwood native to the southern portion of Western Australia.  It is a very hard and slightly heavier wood with a beautiful rich reddish-brown color and showy grain.  This mute is gorgeous and I am now offering it because of a project I did for someone in a well-respected orchestra.  Karl and I both found this mute extraordinarily stable, better intonation, strong, and extremely even up and down the registers. The sound still retains that Woodstop character to it, albeit with a little more brilliance overall. This mute truly sings and takes less energy for production.  Karl’s words... “You must offer this mute; it plays that well!”; so, here we are.  It’s a bit more costly because of the wood price/hand selection process and extra machining, but I am willing to keep the cost down as usual so that you may enjoy it!  The mute will also be a special order mute and will take up to two-three weeks on average to get to you.