Mute Bags &  Monogram Inlay

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Mute bags are now available!  Made to my specifications to fit Woodstop Mutes in a custom fashion and protect your precious commodity.  They have a ballistic nylon outer shell with a lightly padded and very soft micro-fleece inner lining.  Easy in and out with zipper closures.  Each bag comes with an engraved detachable carabiner clasp for attaching to your case if need be.  I have dropped and lightly thrown these bags on cement floors and they performed their task of protecting the mutes from damage.

The bags are made in the U.S. right here in southern Michigan by the same company that does upholstery work for Steelcase and Herman Miller in the Grand Rapids area.  They are very good quality and I am fortunate they will work with me (the little guy).  They will also fit other brand (Rittich style) straight mutes and stop mutes (i.e. Early German or late model multi-bell Alexander stop mutes).     

Prices shown reflect differences in either taxes or destination charges.


Prices shown reflect differences in either taxes or destination charges.


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We now offer custom monogramming for your new walnut or cherry mutes.  This is real wood inlay done by hand on the body of the mute as shown.  Since this is a tedious art, we are offering only the size and font shown, but the number of letters of your choice;  one, two, or three.  As mentioned, this is done by hand and not laser etched.  It is cut into the mute and made perfectly flush with the surface and will not affect the playability or jeopardize construction.  This will be considered a custom mute and will take 6-8 weeks.  They really are beautiful to see in person and a great way to individualize your mute.  The cherry mute on the left is inlayed with Castelo Boxwood and the walnut on the right with Holly; both 100% wood. If you have any questions please contact me.  

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This is for ordering the inlay option for your cherry or walnut straight mute.  Click here for straight mute ordering before or after you’ve made your selection below.  You may specify at final checkout (“instructions to Merchant”) which letters you would like on the mute(s) or simply wait for a response from me asking you personally when I receive the order. As always  I will confirm your order when I receive it so no worries on details.  The important thing is that you choose the number of letters you want, as well as in-state or out of state shipping.

*Price differences shown reflect Michigan sales tax.