Tunable Horn Practice Mute

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“Using your mute each day here on tour; especially when not at a hall.”

Gail Williams

Horn soloist and freelance artist


The Woodstop® practice mute was developed for playability and sound.  This is a difficult task knowing so many practice mutes fall short in both regards, so I thought it best to bring on board a player that could convey to me exactly what their everyday needs were in a practice mute.  Gail Williams was prodding me to make one, so I asked for her help and she obliged.  She’s on the road most of the time as well as her need for one at home, so who better than Gail to seek advice on exactly what she and others want.  Gail also has a lot of knowledge about other practice mutes since she uses them regularly.

What we came up with is a practice mute that  plays very evenly up and down the horn with little resistance, a good sound, and good feel on the face.  Intonation is very good and it is tunable like my straight mutes.  Our wood choice gives a darker more realistic and less penetrating sound and is more free blowing.  One other facet we accomplished is to allow one to play it in very soft muted passages on stage.  Gail has used it in this capacity and loved how it worked so we covered that base.  It is not the softest practice mute on the market, but this is exactly what Gail was looking for in something that has a realistic feel, good sound, and intonation, as well as range up and down the horn; all in a very soft package.  I put my trust in one of the finest players in the world and I think you too will enjoy the result! 

  **Special thanks to Gail Williams for her time and expertise.  

“Just need to thank you for this new practice mute.  Love using it in the hotel but also for a very soft mute passage in Alpine Symphony... BRAVO!!!!!  I might just use it in Mahler 3 also.  The Woodstop Mute rules!!!!.”

Gail Williams

Horn soloist and freelance artist

  1. Very responsive

  2. Shaped cork to fit snug in bell

  3. Very good intonation

  4. Small enough to fit below flush with your bell in its case.  Smaller than my straight mute.

  5. Great evenness of sound/playability

  6. Very smooth focused low register

  7. Great use as a soft mute in performance

  8. Mute is personalized with your name on label