New!  Trumpet (tunable) Straight Mute

“I and the section all like your mutes.  The soft tunable mute is beautiful and I used it a few times in our Stravinsky program last week.  It has a nice American clarity of sound and articulation.  For Fetes it should work nicely as well.”

Chris Martin

Principal trumpet Chicago Symphony Orchestra

“This is a great Fetes mute and I really would like each of the three woods”.

Manny Laureano

Principal trumpet Minnesota Orchestra


Trumpet players, you now have a tunable straight mute that perfectly reflects your open trumpet tuning no matter your collection of trumpets and/or bell sizes!  We took our time to circumnavigate this issue trumpet players face and the result is as good as we could have hoped for!  You simply set the tuning mechanism inside the mute opening for each of the multitude of trumpets in your arsenal (including cornets).  Doesn’t get more convenient and spot-on than this!  


Now lets talk about the mute itself and what it does.  We were after a mute that trumpet players consider “job savers”.  Those are the mutes that help you keep your volume in check without you having to work too hard.  There’s the Montreal, Chicago, Hickman, etc., most of which I used to help develop this mute.  However, I found that each of those came with significant sacrifice to playability through their lack of volume.  I have great faith in the ability of trumpet players to play with control at soft dynamics.  This mute is intended to allow the player a greater ease of production in the very soft passages without sacrificing sound, evenness, intonation, low and/or high registers.  If you really need to play that softly you should probably use a whispa mute.  I am into sound, not lack of sound, so this is no whispa mute. Its design builds more resistance into the mix, so soft volumes are more easily achieved.  Something I was after, in particular, was not to get too one-dimensional in its use.  In other words, it’s not just for soft passages, but has a wider range of use and allows good volume for that inflection with lyrical passages.  You can push on these mutes.  Wood is a great material for allowing flexibility, and not only will it take on different characteristics with its input, but will move with it.

The Woodstop is one of the lightest mutes on the market at only 1.5 ounces.  It is 100% wood and has synthetic corks for that good stick in the bell (as well as on the bottom bumpers) that will not dry up and deteriorate over time.  As for the different woods, please read the descriptions here.  Determine what you’re after and have at it.  Life made easier in so many ways!

If you have any questions, please contact me and I will help give you some details on my findings.

-Kevin Warren

P.S.  We will personalize your mute with your name.    

  1. Tunable for the different trumpets and bell sizes

  2. Very responsive

  3. Excellent intonation

  4. Great evenness & fluidity of sound/playability

  5. Very focused upper and lower registers

  6. Synthetic beveled cork that extends to the top for soft mute changes and to prevent bell dings

  7. Synthetic cork bottom bumpers

  8. Only 1.5 ounces in weight

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